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“Must Have” WordPress Plugins & Tools for website

Classic Editor

We all know the importance of plugins for wordpress. Plugins make it easy and rich to extend the functionality of your wordpress website. This article will introduce you to the must-have plugins and tools for your website. There are thousands of different plugins that create different functions for the website. …

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How to Install WordPress on Your Website 2021

WordPress Installation Guide

This article Norton will guide you through the simple and quick steps to install WordPress, suitable for even newbies. The whole process should take about 5 minutes! To do this you must have: Domain Hosting Pointed domain to hosting successfully Have access to the cPanel admin page provided by the …

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How to build a WordPress website in 2021

create Website WordPress 2021

Creating a website with WordPress is now very simple! Because “Google search” is an instant guide! In this article, Norton will guide you to make a website with WordPress in the simplest and most detailed way that anyone can do. WordPress can create almost any type of website, from personal …

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How to Point a Domain Name to Host 2021

connect domain to hosting

A website that wants to work on the Internet needs to have 2 things: Domain Name and Hosting and you have to connect them together, the so-called term pointing to hosting. How to connect domain name with hosting? In this article, I will show you 3 ways to connect your …

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What is WordPress and Why You Should Use WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular free blog source code available today. Whether you intend to use WordPress or not, it is a good idea to learn a little about the history of WordPress formation and development. What is WordPress? WordPress was officially formed in 2003. But in fact, …

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