News and Announcements from NortonLifeLock Research Group and the NRG Fellowship

Introducing BotSight: A New Tool to Detect Bots on Twitter in Real-Time

Quantifying Disinformation on Twitter, one Tweet at a Time

Winners announced for the 2020 NortonLifeLock Research Group Fellowship


Deepfakes: A Terror in the era of AI?
The History and Impact of Deepfakes

The Privacy Challenges of Digital Contact Tracing
The Apple-Google Contact Tracing Protocol Is Not Completely Private

Identifying Sockpuppet Accounts on Social Media Platforms
Evolution of Disinformation Campaigns from 2016 - Present

Cyber Scammers Targeting Our Older Population
Like latter-day Willie Suttons, cyber criminals are targeting this specific age demographic "because that's where the money is"

NortonLifeLock Privacy Watch
Volume 3

NortonLifeLock Privacy Watch
Volume 2

Machine Learning for Security: Things Will Work Better with Humans in the Loop
Why Machine Learning for Security Is Difficult

To Click, or Not to Click, that is the Question: Towards a New Era of Transparency
Poor Click Hygiene Could Increase Risks to End Users