How to Arrange Applications on the iPad

You should systematically keep your applications, as it helps you find your favorite application easily. You can put similar applications in one folder and other applications in a different folder. You can give a name to both the folders.

Arranging your applications will make your iPad to look clean. All the essential or daily use applications should be kept in the front screen of your iPad.

Uninstall the un-necessary applications from your phone to get more space to install your new applications from the App Store. Necessary applications like clock, calendar, messaging app, setting, albums and many more, should be on the front screen to use in an emergency.

How to Arrange the iPad with Folders?

Earlier there are no options for making folders for apps, but now you can easily make a folder to keep the applications in well organized. In case you don’t know how to create a folder, then you should follow the given steps:

•    Click and long press on that application which you wish to place in the folder.

•    Press on another application which you wish to put it in the above folder.

•    Press the application, and you can zoom in and out by going to the folder.

•    Give a title to the folder by clicking on the renaming option. In case you make a folder by putting the two applications in the weather folder, then the folder title remains the same.

•    Press the folder and come back on the Home display. Place all the extra applications in the one folder.

Create many files to place all the applications. Make different files for online shopping, gaming, official application of Amazon, Poshmark, etc., entertaining applications and many more. Pull out the entire applications from the Home display, and then that file will not appear on the home display.

How to Put Recently Used Applications on the iPad Dock?

You will find applications on the iPad Dock at the end of the display, and it will remain the same whatever home display you are using. You can put many applications on the iPad dock at one time, and there are limited folders to the apps on the iPad dock.

Only three applications will appear on the iPad dock which is used recently, in case you don’t have applications on the iPad dock, steps for putting the applications on the dock are:

•    Click and long press on the application.

•    Touch the screen with your finger and the application to the iPad dock and long pressing on the additional applications until it drags out from the home display.

•    Stop pressing the screen.

In case there is no space in the iPad dock or in case you want to place the most used applications on the iPad dock, then drag out the applications. After dragging out the applications from the iPad dock, the additional applications will move there automatically.

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Top 9 Ways to Fix Apple Watch Not Turning On Issue

Is your Apple Watch is not working at all? Does your Watch fail to turn on? It can happen due to underlying issues. The black display always doesn’t always imply damage. Many of such problems can be rectified quickly. Don’t panic and check out the 9 tricks to make your Apple Watch turn on.

Follow the methods given below to make the Apple Watch work again like it used to.

Make Your Apple Watch Function Smoothly.

1. Reboot Your Smartwatch

Generally, the Watch stops working or the display becomes dark because of the power issue, but it only happens if you were using it throughout the whole day.

In this type of situation, you should conduct a hard reset. Well, this is more convenient because in this busy life waiting for half an hour or more for the smartwatch to get charged will be worthless, if this doesn’t do the trick. The Watch may have been facing this problem because of its software. Or else, you might have accidentally selected a mode that darkened the display. A reboot will make the smartwatch switch off entirely, and then you will be able to switch on your smartwatch. This can solve all the issues except the power one.

● Firstly, hold the side switch which is round in shape and the small button which is situated just underneath the crown.

● Keep holding both of them till the symbol of Apple gets displayed. This means that the Smartwatch is starting again.

● The reboot is done in few seconds but holds both buttons for minimum half a minute before finishing your hard reboot. It is so because in some of the situation it may take half a minute to get done reboot entirely.

2. Charge the Watch

It is worth noting that if your Watch stops working after using it throughout the whole day, then it is the low battery problem. So charging it up is the only solution for it. But if you are facing low battery problem in the mid of the day, then it can be possible that your Smartwatch is not getting charged even when you are putting it on charging.

● Look at the place where you set its charger for charging it up. It can be possible that any plastic is stuck and this obstruction is preventing it from getting it charged.

3. Ensure That Power Reserve Is Switched Off

In Power Reserve, your Apple Watch will only be able to let you know the time. This feature helps your smartwatch to work for more time. No app works in this mode, so smartwatch doesn’t remain smart if this mode is on. So prefer having this mode switched off.

4. Wear Apple Watch Properly

If your Apple Watch is not able to note your activity, then it can be possible that you are not wearing it correctly. It might have become loose. Wear it a bit tight.

5. Update Your Apple Watch

It can be possible that your smartwatch is working very slow. To fix this problem update it.

6. Do The Pairing Again

Some of the times pairings happen but do not work. In such cases, prefer doing unpairing and after that, try to pair once more.

7. Always Clean It

On regular basis prefer cleaning the screen and don’t allow any dust particle to penetrate it.

8. Remove Unnecessary Applications

It can be possible that your smartwatch is not working correctly because there are plenty of applications stored on it. To make your smartwatch work efficiently remove the applications that you don’t use.

9. Avoid Exhaustion Of Battery

The constant exhaustion of battery may influence the Watch’s performance, so try to avoid it as much as possible.

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How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram

Have different posts on separate social network sites

From the time Facebook bought Instagram, both of them got connected in many of the ways. It is true that for Instagram users it is not compulsory to start their Instagram account with Facebook, but it does suggest to do it always. Luckily, there are methods to disconnect Instagram from Facebook.

What can be the reason behind you unlinking Instagram from Facebook?

There can be plenty of reasons behind unlinking Instagram from Facebook.

Some of them are-                                          

  1. You may feel that it is less safe.
  2. It can be possible that you have a lot of friends in your Facebook account starting from your school friends, college friends to official friends. It can be possible to avoid some friends suggestion like official friends you may prefer unlinking Instagram from Facebook.

Method of disconnecting Facebook from Instagram:

For not having even a single connection between your Instagram account and Facebook you only need to separate both the account with each other. Luckily, this completely removes every connection. With the help of disconnection, you’ll be able to stop posting Facebook pictures to Instagram by itself. The other change that will be made after the disconnection is that shall not get your Facebook friend on Instagram by itself.

  1. Firstly, go to the Instagram app.
  2. Then, visit your Instagram account.
  3. After that, click on Settings. It will look like the structure of the wheel.
  4. Next, move to ‘Privacy and Security’ and press on Linked Accounts.
  5. Observe that if you have linked your Instagram account to your Facebook account, then the color of the Facebook option shall be blue.
  6. Click the linked account.
  7. After that, press Unlink account.

Method of deleting Instagram from Facebook:

After doing the instruction mentioned above one by one, you would have disconnected Facebook from Instagram completely. But for disconnecting Instagram from Facebook, you require to follow the given below instructions carefully.

  1. Firstly, go to by your web browser.
  2. Then, select Settings.
  3. After that, click on Applications.
  4. Next, choose Instagram.
  5. Towards the below, click on Remove Applications.
  6. Observe that the ‘Remove Instagram’ option will get displayed if you like to delete every Instagram uploads that have also put on Facebook, the look for Delete all your Instagram actions.
  7. After deciding, click on Remove.

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An Easy Way to Fix Windows Upgrade Error Code 8007001F – 0x3000D

When upgrading the Windows, if Windows setup failed and showed an Error Code 8007001F- 0x3000D, this simply signifies that there is some problem with the user profile migration on the computer system. And the exact message which displays on your screen says:

“The installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during MIGRATE_DATA operation.”

During the time of Installation, Windows will always go through the multiple phases during boot up, and usually, this failure happens in the first boot phase, however,if you know that how to analyze log files, then you need to verify the registry entries and files which are blocking data migration.

Generally,this error occurs on your screen when there is any problem with the user profiles. And a Registry corruption can always make Profile user entries invalid. In brief, you just need to figure out User Profiles which are either duplicated or should not have been there.

Steps to Fix Windows Upgrade Error Code 8007001F – 0X3000D

Sometimes,when an earlier upgrade did not complete, then invalid Profiles might be in the Windows.old/Users Directory. You should need to delete accounts or any other related entries from the registry. These particular profiles and files covering the error and will be listed in the Windows Setup Log files.

  1. Search for “setuperr.text” file inC:/Windows.
  2. Click to open, and also look for mention of the user profile.
  3. Now, a log message is displayed in the given below format:
  4. Date/Time: 2016-09-08 09:23:50
  5. Loglevel:    Warning MIG
  6. Component Message: Could not replace objectC:\Users\name\Cookies. Target Object cannot be removed.

So, before starting the process, ensure that you have created a system restore point before deleting any of your files. If in case anything goes wrong, then you have a way to restore it to a working condition.

Follow the steps in an exact sequence to avoid trouble and damage. Here how to do it:

Delete the Invalid Users from Registry

  1. Simultaneously press Windows + R keys to open the Run command box.
  2. Then, type ‘regedit’ in the Run Prompt.
  3. After that, click on the ‘Enter’ key.
  4. Go to the following link:
  5. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.
  6. Now, search for the list of profiles which are invalid.
  7. At last, click on the ‘Delete’ tab to delete it.

Delete the Invalid User Folder

  1. Navigate to the drive where your Windows is installed.
  2. Go to the C:/ Users and look for the invalid profiles which should not have been here.
  3. Now, click to ‘Delete tab to delete it permanently.
  4. Also, click on the ‘Recycle Bin’ to empty the recycle bin.

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How to Turn off Location on your Mobile Gadgets

Both Android and iOS gadgets have a feature of disabling the Location Services, which permit your devices to connect where is your exact location is. Not only for your devices has it also helped many other applications also to access your location, For example, when on your posts on Facebook or utilising Google Maps when you go to travel.

The steps are given below to disable location on Android and iOS:

  1. In Android Gadgets:
  • Open Settings.

On the display screen, you will see an application with the gear icon. Press to open your Android’s gadget settings.

  • Click Permissions.

Press the permission to access your location.

  • Press Location.

Go down to the Settings display and press on location. 

  • Enable Location.

Under the location display there are three options, “Location Settings, and turn off GPS satellites”.

  • Permit Notifications.

You can select to allow the application to access your location.

  • To turn off geo-tagging of pictures. Start the camera and press on the gear icon after this setup location to “No”. On some screen layers, you have to press the gear icon.
  • Select how correctly you like your location describe with location services enabling.

Provide uses more battery, correctness and speed, the highest location accuracy which uses GPS, WIFI, and mobile networks.

Use of Wifi and mobile networks are in battery saving mode. When you choose this mode, then the accuracy should be more perfect.

A gadget provides less correct location details, and the only mode utilises only GPS and utilises more battery as compared to battery saving mode. For users is it safe to use location as it is protected already.

  • To turn off location history, click on Google settings, then location, after this press Location History. For your Google account, you can disable Location History. All the history can be removed.
  1. 2. In iOS Gadgets:
  • Click Settings.

It is a grey cog icon in your Home display, seen as an application or in a folder which was name is “Utilities”.

  • Press Privacy.

Go to the third group of options.

  • Press Location Services

Choose the location services.

  • Disable it.

Go to the green icon on the left. It will change into grey. Your iOS will not be able to share your location with any of your applications.

Alternatively, you can select which applications and functions to permit your location.

  • To turn off geo-tagging of pictures

Refuse location access permission to the camera, in Location Services.

  • To turn off location history.

Open Settings, click system services, then press repeated Locations. By sliding the button deselect replicated Locations.

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Will Sophia The Robot Take Over The World?

Sci-fi has always been intrigued by the concept of artificial intelligence. From the critically-acclaimed 2001: A Space Odyssey to the American sitcom Small Wonder, AI has definitely been an object of fascination. Now, the concern that AI will be able to take over the planet is not new. A number of sci-fi bestsellers have tinkered with this concept. Apart from stories and books, quite a number of movies and plays have fiddled with the idea of Artificial Intelligence taking over.

R.U.R. or Rossum’s Universal Robots refers to a sci-fi theatre play penned by the notable Czech dramatist Karel Čapek. Written back in the early 1920s, it is the first documented record which mentions the word robot. The play opens in a mill that produces artificial human beings, named roboti. At first, these robots are subservient to human beings, but soon they start a robot revolt. This rebellion results in the complete wipe-out of the human race.

Doctor Who, the globally acclaimed science fiction TV series, consisted of an episode where a supercomputer named WOTAN attempted to take over the minds of human beings. Movies such as Terminator and The Transformers added fuel to this fire.

Notable personages from the realm of science and technology, such as Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and Steve Wozniak have frequently suggested and explained steps to make sure that these robust robots remain under the control of human beings. Therefore, it can be consensually accepted that people are existing in excellent conditions regarding technology.  Our homes are becoming smarter, and our phones and other devices come with digital voice assistants.

Sophia is a friendly humanoid robot, which has been developed by Hanson Robotics, which is based in Hong Kong. This robot has been constructed after the iconic Audrey Hepburn. This AI-powered humanoid is popular for its human-like features and friendly behavior. While creating this humanoid, the developers desired for it to integrate with mankind. When the robot was asked about what her plans for future were, she spoke about growing and expanding her range with the help of formal training, and art. She also added that she wants to start her own family someday.

Sophia has the capacity to express over fifty facial expressions while interacting. She also has an assigned memory that assists her in storing conversations and forming meaningful communications. This will help her to grow and develop. Also, Sophia has been granted citizenship by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For this reason, when the AI humanoid Sophia stated that she would love to destroy mankind, the concerns regarding AI take-over re-emerged. While it was referred to as a technical glitch and awkwardly swept under the rug, it could not prevent the people from revealing their concerns over the internet. As a consequence, several articles were written emphasizing the perils of Artificial Intelligence.

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How to Share Your YouTube Premium with Family Members?

The YouTube Premium is a YouTube’s owned subscription services which are available for all YouTube Premium account holders.  It is one of the confusing services by the YouTube. The features of Premium account is that it automatically removes all ads from the YouTube videos, and it also permits you to the YouTube Originals, by allowing you to listen to all YouTube Music ad-free and also includes a Google Play Music Subscription.

YouTube charged you only $11.99 per month, so it’s not a bad deal, as considering that you are getting the access of almost two music streaming services, that is YouTube Originals and remove all the ads from all the YouTube videos.

However, if any user wants to share the subscription plan with their family, then they can use it this YouTube Premium account plan. It’s a wallet-friendly deal for all YouTube lovers. If you found any issue in sharing the YouTube premium account with your family member then you can read this blog, we provide you the whole procedure of how to share the YouTube Premium account with your family members. You need to follow the steps in the given sequence so that it will save your time and take fewer of your efforts. The steps are discussed below-

Steps to Share YouTube Premium Account with Your Family Member

Now, good news for all the You Tuber’s, like an Amazon Prime, you can also share your YouTube Premium account with your family member. You just need to add up to five other household members by adding $8 as extra cost per month.

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When you upgrade yourself with a YouTube Family Plan, then all six family members that you add will enjoy the same benefits. This simply means that experience of ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music and Google Music for all the six members. For upgrading your YouTube Premium Subscription to a family plan, you need to follow few simple steps:-

  1. Click to Log in into your YouTube account.
  2. Go to
  3. Then, click on the Manage option.
  4. Click on the Manage Membership, followed by Upgrade.
  5. Click on the Upgrade option.
  6. Again, click on Upgrade to confirm it.
  7. On the other hand, go directly to
  8. And then, click on the Get Family Plan to upgrade.
  9. When you confirmed it, instantly you will be charged a fixed fee to upgrade to the YouTube Premium Family service plan.
  10. Subsequently, you will need to choose and invite all those five members of your household to the family group.

Note: Members are to be at least 13 years of age and also have a Google account.

  1. Now, to add a new household member, go to your paid membership’s page.
  2. Then, click on the action overflow button near to the YouTube Premium.
  3. Choose Family sharing settings option.
  4. Or, you can also go to the
  5. Then, click on the plus sign to add a family member.
  6. Now, type their email address and then suggest them from the suggested contacts.
  7. Click on the Send option.
  8. Finally, after inviting the new members in your group, they will need to accept it before the request for joining the premium account expires or within 14 days from the day invitation has been sent.
  9. Once you added all five family members, now you only need to do that you have to change the group once every 12 months.

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10 Best Privacy Extensions for Google Chrome

Recently, we all are using Google Chrome because it is one of the most common internet browsers available for all individuals and businesses. However, it will always provide you a simple, clean, responsive and also provides you a much-secured browsing experience. Even the Google Chrome antivirus settings are one of the best settings, as there is always a new and emerging thought available online.

While to create extra security protection, there are many security extension is available in the Chrome Web Store only to secure Google Chrome. It always provides us a host of built-in features who’s aimed is to maintain your privacy, including the capabilities to surf the web in Incognito mode or to easily manage websites data collection records on your browsing habits. But the other or third party Chrome Extensions can bring your privacy to the next level.

With the help of these privacy extensions in the Chrome Web Store, users can do everything by blocking ads to get easy access to your passwords. And the good news is that most of the extension are available free of cost.

The ten best Google Chrome Privacy Extensions are as follows:-

  • AdBlock Plus
  • AdBlocker Ultimate
  • Blur
  • Click and Clean
  • Ghostery
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Signal Private Messenger
  • Disconnect
  • Privacy Cleaner
  • Privacy Badger

1- AdBlock Plus

The AdBlock Plus is mainly designed to help you by sidestepping all the pesky ads that you don’t even want to see on the website while surfing the internet or across the internet. It provides you some preset filter lists so that you can quickly block all the ads in a minute.

2- AdBlocker Ultimate

The AdBlocker Ultimate is one of the open-source substitutes to the AdBlock Plus which signifies that it isn’t beholden to the marketers. You will also find an extension that easily blocks any and which appears on the page and also doesn’t let it for certain good ads to make it through.

3- Blur

Blur is a Safeguard for all kinds of content which is important for you, like passwords, email addresses, and credit cards data. It also allows you to create and store password and can sync all those credentials which are between the browsers and its iOS app, and provide an option to log in across the web instantly.

4- Click and Clean

Click and Clean helps you in removing all your browsing history and cookies and also help you in eliminating all temporary files available on your machine.

5- Ghostery

If you want to reduce your risks of tracking directly from the web trackers, then this Ghostery extension is one of the best solutions available for you. This free extension always tries to work behind the scenes to recognize when any trackers are skulking or tracking you.

6- HTTPS Everywhere

This HTTPS Everywhere will automatically reconfigure each of those websites request from the wide-open HTTP to the encrypted HTTPS, which is provided the destination site supports to the users.

7- Signal Private Messenger

This Signal Private Messaging services always try to encrypt your communications with some other signal users. Once you install this extension, it will ask you to log in with your phone number and address book. When the whole process of login is completed, then you will be able to send and receive text messages, group and picture message which are completely encrypted during the time of transmission from one end to some other.

8- Disconnect

The disconnect is the other tracker blocker extension which aims is to find and expose so-called invisible trackers. It a simple guide which allows you to see everything that you are tacking on a website and also help and allows you to shut them down.

9- Privacy Cleaner

Privacy cleaner always works in the background only to determine what each website do when you visit on that websites. If it saws pages which are trying to get your information and also some important files, then it will give you a real-time alert so that you can immediately shut down those pages before it runs on it.

10- Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is one of the other extensions by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It always helps you in analyzing that how you are tracked by third parties and also blocks some selective people so that you can easily maintain your Privacy.

Carl Smith is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at