How iExplorer saves your iPhone Data and Gaming Profile?

This software is quite lightweight and quick to put in. It’s a comparatively IExplorer is left up to 70x faster, and free to decide to use. So it really is far much more resource efficient than the rivalry.

iExplorer backs-up your Capture info, as an alternative of Tool which enables access to files and programs inside the iOS apparatus. IExplorer is an iPhone manager that is used to transport documents, messages, music, photos, data or whatever else from any i-phone, iPad, iPod or iTunes backup to a Mac or PC.
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This really is useful Because You Don’t anymore have to when restoring Demo the applications for free so you could be about the way that it operates to store your gaming knowledgeable data and profile. It’s a Form of Shareware, therefore there Is Going to Be a Price Tag, but also you may I tune, it simply backs Capture you permit up and maybe perhaps not that the whole device.

Now imagine yourself to be able where you have completed more than 90% of your favorite match or maybe you’ve somehow managed to split all records and created a top score in Doodle Leap or might be you’ve finally unlocked all the achievements in Vegetation Compared to Zombies and a single of the following things occur. You’ll find those who spend some time accumulating each of those hidden gold eggs in cases like mine invest hours watering their crops and taking part in furious Birds and murdering each and every zombie which methods foot on their lawn in Plants versus Zombies.

Playing with your matches on I pad and also the iPhone is enjoyable. But now a lot of people use iDevices because of their hardcore and gaming apparatus. I-phone and iPod gambling is referred to as killing Time’ or” having a Break’.

  1. You restore your iDevice and have no backup.
  2. Your iDevice crashes and has to be restored.
  3. Your friend accidentally (or on purpose) deletes the game.
  4. Your friend accidentally (or on purpose again) resets the game.
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You may stress about it issue. Stored profiles and game data. I understand that is definitely going to harm. Our match titles along with of our recordings along with accomplishments for really are there.

If Some One of Those above happens, Since now You Might be able to replicate all of your’Help save Profiles and Info’ you have lost you’re Your own Mac or computer. All as a result of a program called’I Explorer’.

What is iExplorer?

I will maintain it straightforward and right. IExplorer can be an application which permits one to replicate contents in the iDevice that you are able to glue in your own computer. When I claimed components’ I meant’Profiles and Conserve game titles’ of games which you have in your own apparatus. And also the optimal/optimally part is the fact that this will work on apparatus along with both the jailbroken. Actually there’s far more you are able to perform using this particular specific program, however, for today that I shall just be focusing on the only portion, i.e. help conserve match.

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How to get iExplorer?

IExplorer can be a completely free program. You may access it at no cost from here. It is readily available to your Mac and for Windows. Only get the installation file and install it. BUT please do not forget which you’re currently accessing the device files and folders together with your apparatus. Please don’t rename if you are not certain about what it is that you’re carrying out or edit some other file or folder. What I’ve done is simply expanded the folder. Therefore when you expand your folder get two folders called’Root’ and the applications’. Proceed into Programs and enlarge it all. You ought to be capable of seeing a list of the matches you’ve got on your own device. Grow. In my case, I’ve expanded the Plants compared to Zombies (PvZ) folder. Currently, all you have to do is duplicate the documents’ folder by simply clicking on it and dragging it onto your desktop computer. That is it!!

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How to load game data and profile using iExplorer?

This way You May move information is saved by your own matches out of the Today iDevices for Windows apparatus and a Mac and vice-versa. You have reproduced the records’ folder of this match that you required, whatever you’ve got to do goes to this particular path all over yet once more with iExplorer (i.e. until time you may see the Records folder) and just reposition the paperwork folder together using one which you’ve got in your own Mac or’ computer system’ along with your own done.

John Smith is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

The Way to Arrange your Identity Safe Logins with Norton Community?

If you aren’t so great in remembering your security passwords then Norton Identity protected is a solution for you. It manages your password and eliminates the hassle to try to remember all your passwords and account usernames. It makes your logging simpler, faster and much more secure. It keeps you protected anywhere you go. setup Norton here:

You should arrange your Norton Identity Safe effectively as it is connected with the account. To accomplish this, you must first understand the reason behind the requirement to arrange the Norton Identity Safe Logins.

Why do you need to organize the Norton Identity Safe Logins?

  • Login information of Norton Identity Safe contains your qualifications to sign-in. These credentials are the same for Online banking, emails, online shopping or social networking.
  • It lets you to bring the login credentials.
  • It stores your multiple passwords or accounts.
  • The Norton Identity Safe Logins makes your search process faster and enlightening.
  • It lets you manage your own preferences to be automatic.
  • It provides you to access your sign in information, which you’ve saved even after the website expires.
  • The Norton Identity Safe retains all of the credentials, which you’ve used for the first time to sign in.
  • It simplifies your sensitive information present on the websites if any.
  • If you’re a subsequent user to a specific site, Norton Safe Login enables you to register in automatically.
    It’s compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox or even Google Chrome.
  • You can use Norton Safe Login to handle password safety vaults.

Which are the minimal requirements for hardware to really have a Norton Safe Login?

Your hardware should have a hard disk space of 300 MB.

Your hardware needs to consume 1 GHz for MS Windows.

How you can organize your Norton Identity Safe Logins?

  • To begin with, you will need to login into the official
  • Input your credentials like your registered email id or password to access your account with Norton.
  • You will be redirected to the main Norton item window.
  • Now, search for the Identity option and double click it.
  • Click the identity Safe’ option.
  • You need to click on the login’ alternative.
  • Today, start looking for the login option on your search box.
  • Open the display window and click on the “edit” option.
  • Fill the essential area and then click the’Save’ button. Your Norton Identity secure login is great to go.

How to organize your Identity Safe Logins with Norton Community?

If you are not so good in remembering your safety passwords then Norton Identity safe is a solution for you. It manages your password and removes the hassle to remember all your passwords and account usernames. It makes your logging easier, faster and more secure. It keeps you protected anywhere you go.

You should organize your Norton Identity Safe effectively as it is connected with the official account. To do so, you should first understand the reason behind the need to organize the Norton Identity Safe Logins.

Why do you need to organize the Norton Identity Safe Logins?

  • Login information of Norton Identity Safe includes your credentials to sign-in. These credentials are the same for Internet banking, emails, online shopping or social networking.
  • It lets you to add the login credentials.
  • It stores your multiple accounts or passwords
  • The Norton Identity Safe Logins makes your search process faster and insightful.
  • It lets you manage your settings to be automatic.
  • It offers you to access your sign in information, which you have saved even after the website expires.
  • The Norton Identity Safe keeps all the credentials, which you have used for the first time to sign in.
  • It secures your sensitive data present on the websites if any.
  • If you are a subsequent user to a particular website, Norton Safe Login lets you sign in automatically.
  • It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • You can use Norton Safe Login to manage password safety vaults.

What are the minimum requirements for hardware to have a Norton Safe Login?

  • Your hardware should have a hard disk space of 300 MB.
  • Your hardware should have 300 MHz for MS Windows XP.
  • Your hardware should have 256 MB of RAM processing.
  • Your hardware should have 1 GHz for MS Windows.

How you can organize your Norton Identity Safe Logins?

  1. First, you need to login into the official
  2. Enter your credentials such as your registered email id or password to access your account with Norton.
  3. You will be redirected to the main Norton product window.
  4. Now, search for the Identity option and double click on it.
  5. Click on the ‘Identity Safe’ option.
  6. You have to click on the ‘Logins’ option.
  7. Now, look for the login option in your search box.
  8. Open the display window and click on the ‘Edit’ option.
  9. Fill the required field and then click on the ‘Save’ button. Your Norton Identity safe login is good to go.

Reasons Why Should You Use Norton Mobile Security on Your Android Device

Norton Mobile Security is the leading security suite that gives every one of the apparatuses expected to ensure your gadget appropriately. Norton consolidates this security with a very much composed application that doesn’t require a manual to get it After the underlying setup, you can unwind and disregard Norton, as it consequently shields your gadget from all dangers.

100% Detection Rate
A standout amongst the most critical highlights that characterize the nature of an antivirus scanner is its capacity to identify malware. Antivirus applications with poor recognition rates are unsafe, as they give clients a false conviction that all is well with the world. Tragically, numerous Android clients’ guard is entirely reliant on an application that offers this trademark.

Norton’s 100% recognition rate additionally gives you genuine feelings of serenity. Notwithstanding when introduced sometime later, you can make sure that any malware that may as of now be on your gadget will be distinguished. One of the issues that tormented antivirus scanners in the past was their powerlessness to identify the malware as of now tainting your device. In any case, with Norton Mobile Security, on the off chance that it says your device is free of any malware, you know it is coming clean.

Application Scanning Before Installation
One of the more elite highlights of Play Protect is the capacity to filter applications before establishment. By learning of the evil idea of an application previously, you can stay away from all potential inconvenience by not introducing it by any stretch of the imagination.

At the point when this component is joined with Norton’s 100% recognition rate, you can make sure you will never be the casualty of a malware-tainted application from the Play Store. Norton will caution you to a risky claim, which you can abstain from introducing.

Ant-Theft Protection
Norton Mobile Security is something other than an antivirus scanner. It accompanies instruments to shield your gadget from criminals lurking to take away your telephone. Incorporated into the Norton Mobile Security application is the capacity to bolt your device remotely. Utilizing either a program or an instant message, you can lockout interlopers from your cell phone notwithstanding when your telephone isn’t in your ownership.

Application Lock
For extra security, Norton enables you to make a virtual safe to bolt applications independently. Whenever empowered, you can require either a PIN, an example, or a unique mark to open access to specific applications. Norton even makes proposals to which applications need the insurance, for example, your display to secure your photos.

Extensive Web Security
Norton knows about the threats of the web and needs to ensure its clients while they peruse the Internet. This is the reason it utilizes layered security to give far-reaching assurance. These incorporate Wi-Fi Security, Web Protection, Link Guard, Safe Search, and Wi-Fi Privacy.

Wi-Fi Security filters the remote system you are right now on, ensuring it requires a secret word and uses the most grounded encryption accessible. Norton will alarm you if the system meets these gauges and prescribe you don’t utilize the system. Without these arrangements, the system can undoubtedly be endangered, and an unapproved client can catch your information.

At long last, Wi-Fi Privacy suppliers clients access to a safe VPN to utilize when perusing the web. Mainly when using open Wi-Fi systems, a VPN will scramble your information make it hard to decode. It has an extra expense ($4.99 every month for one gadget). However, it is an important instrument to secure your information when utilizing the web.

For more information click here :

How to temporarily disable Norton Antivirus and related Services

Norton antivirus program was designed to keep your computer safe and secure from the foreign attacks and the malicious files if they get downloaded somehow, but this antivirus program can sometimes interfere in the installation process of some of your desired software and programs or may be in the functionality of your web browser. In order to overcome this issue, you can disable Norton services for some time, get your programs installed and then re-enable these services again to stay safe and secure from the threats.

To Disable Norton Antivirus and The Smart Firewall

Follow the given steps to disable Norton antivirus and its services like smart firewall:

  • In the bottom right corner of your screen, there is a small triangle icon in the task-bar, by which you can open up the Notification tray, click on it. You will find an icon of Norton, right click on this icon to open up a list of options related to the Norton ant viruses security.
  • In order to disable the firewall on a temporary basis, you have to click on Disable Smart Firewall. Use Select the duration in order to set the duration for this temporary to disable of the firewall and click on OK, it will activate. If you are not able to do any kind of task using Norton Antivirus, simply deactivate it and get your work done.

Note: If you disable the Smart Firewall it means that your computer is open and exposed to the threats and the malicious and viruses.

To Control the Norton Toolbar

  • If you are using Internet Explorer or the Firefox as your browser, you can disable Norton’s browser toolbar, in order to unlock some of the web sites disabled by the Norton. All you have to do is to click on the view, then select toolbars and un-check Norton Toolbar. And when you have to turn it on, simply recheck this box and it will be re-enabled. Now click on OK to save the changed settings.
  • To disable Norton toolbar in Google Chrome, click on the menu, select tools then choose Extensions. Under Extensions, You will find the option to enable and disable the Norton Toolbar. Disable it when you don’t want to use it and want to access all of those websites which Norton has disabled and simply turn it back on when you are done with those websites. For Norton Setup Guide visit

How to install Norton on windows 10 –

Are you facing the problem of how Norton will not install on Windows 10 even though you have tried to do just that? You may not be aware but such a common issue occurs occasionally. But we have come to rescue you from your predicament with instructions that will guide you in the install. After you are done, you won’t be questioning about how Norton will not install on Windows 10.

First, you must download the latest Norton version and install on your Windows 10. To do that, sign in to Norton and go to the Get Started window. There you will find the Download Norton internet security option. In case you need to install a new product, tap on Enter a New Product Key. Next step would be to click on Agree and Download. There are several options you need to choose from. If you want to go to Inter Explorer, click on Run. If you choose Firefox or Safari, click on the top-right of the browser. After clicking the download option, you can view the files that were downloaded. To choose Chrome, go to the button-left and tap on the file that was downloaded.  When the User Account Control appears on the Windows, select the Continue option. After completing all the on-screen instructions, your Norton will be installed and activated. 

How to install Norton internet security on windows 10?

Norton Security is a computer software security suite that is available in three editions. The software is developed to protect devices from unwanted attention and viruses. To make use of this software, you must first learn how to install Norton internet security antivirus on Windows 10.

The first step is to uninstall your older Norton or other security software from your Windows. To uninstall the software, click the start button on the bottom left-hand corner. You can see the Control Panel option which you must click. On the Control Panel, open the programs and features option. After the directory of programs opens, tap the Norton Program which will enable the software to be removed when you select the Uninstall or remove option. After following the procedures, select on the Norton Complete Uninstall which will lead you to a pop up that will show a subscription waiting period. Click next to continue and select the Restart Now option. This will finally uninstall the software completely from your device.

If this step does not act to solve your installing problem, you can try out other probabilities such as installing the Norton Security, installing the Norton Security into the additional devices, or even retrieving the product key. 

How to safeguard your home network from hackers

It’s quite incomprehensible whether it is humans who switched to breathing technology than air, or is it technology that is breathing through us, consuming human consciousness without us having any knowledge of it. Our homes are now more connected and digitized than ever. We are constantly being targeted by cybercrooks and their unethical practices over internet that has nothing to do but make our lives miserable.

There is no way you can escape these attacks if you own a smart device and Wi-Fi network without having Norton protection installed on it. It is like leaving your house opened for burglars to sneak in.

At one side, technologies have made our social life more convenient and meaningful with the availability of features like voice commands. On the other side, smart devices could lead to a major infiltration in our private life as everything in our home is connected to Internet, which opens several loopholes for hackers and cybercriminals.

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While discussing the capabilities of hackers, and damages they could inflict on our social life, it is important to note that hackers require you to have Internet connectivity to execute their operations. The network we use to connect to the world on a daily basis, whether it’s mobile data, or Wi-Fi, cybercriminals use them as a medium to breach in our digital security. If they successfully manage to invade your digital device, they will have total control on the images, videos, documents stored in it. It will seriously compromise your data, which includes bank details, email credentials, work reports and other confidential information.

Ways to safeguard your home network

Tighten your waist to fight against cybercriminals and hackers to safeguard your home network and protect your family from threats like data theft and ransomware. The best way to hack-proof your home network is to block all the entry point with Norton Total Protection. These entry points comprise mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, Smart TVs, Wi-Fi routers, voice assistance.

  • Secure your Home Router: Your Wi-Fi router is the gateway to your Home’s Internet connection. Routers generally come with preinstalled anti-hacking features that enable users to defend themselves from cyber threats such as encryption, firewall and password protection. However, they might show some vulnerabilities if not maintained regularly.
  • Stay-up-to-date: Make sure to have your router and smart devices updates all the time. It ensures a tight layer of security for your home network. Keeps you updated on critical threats, glitches and faults and helps you to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Other useful tips to help ensure a secure Wi-Fi Network

  • DNS settings must be paid attention
  • Protect your Smart TV
  • Do not use Bootleg-streaming devices
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi only when needed
  • Safeguard your smart phones
  • Avoid downloading untrusted apps and software
  • Avoid authorized OS

Norton Security Error 8504 and 104 –

Cyber Security has become a necessity in this day and age. Most of the netizens are using some of the other kinds of antivirus. Out of all the antiviruses that flood the market, Norton Security stands out. Norton Security has been providing the best and most innovative products for decades. Even though Norton Antivirus is popular amongst users, Norton security error 8504 and 104 are quite common. In this post, we will discuss how to fix Norton security error 8504 and 104’.

Warning Signs – Norton 360 Error 8504

  • Freezing of the computer screen
  • Slow or delayed windows performance
  • Pc restarting or crashing
  • ‘error 8504 and 104’ is displayed on the screen
  • ‘Norton 360 Error 8504’ is displayed on the screen

If you experience one or more of these problems then your computer might be prone to Norton security error 8504 and 104.


There can be various causes for Norton error 8504 and 104. Some of the most common causes are:-

  • Virus or Malicious Software
  • Incorrect settings for Norton Security
  • Registry files are missing
  • Incorrect installation of Norton Antivirus software
  • Windows firewall permissions

Solutions of Norton internet Security issues 8504 & 104

Now we will discuss some possible solutions on how to fix Norton security error 8504 and 104:-

  • Conduct a full virus scan of your computer

This may sound like a pretty simple solution but making sure that your system is not infected is essential.

  • Update system drivers

              Make sure that all the drivers in your system are up to date. Old drivers might cause have   configuration issues especially if you are using a newer version of windows

  • Reinstall Norton Antivirus

In the control panel click on programs and choose Norton. Right click on the icon and install it. Now install Norton Antivirus again. Restart your computer. Now you will not be getting Norton autofix error 8504 and 104.

  • Repair registry files

The system registry is where all files are saved. It can be a little daunting to try and repair registry entries yourself. You can use plenty of decent registry repair tools that are available in the market for free.

The path ahead

After going through this post we are hopeful that you were able to setup norton antivirus. It is always advised to keep your system up to date with the latest drivers. Users should always keep in mind that using the latest antiviruses will help protect their system in the long run. 

How to use USB memory sticks safely and securely? –

Because USB drives, also known as thumb drives are small, readily available, inexpensive, and extremely portable, they are popular for storing and transferring data from one device to another. However, the same characteristics that make them convenient also introduce security risks and make them alluring to hackers.

Attackers may also use USB drives to steal information directly from your computer. If an attacker can physically access your computer, he or she can download sensitive information directly onto a USB drive.

What can a hacked USB stick do?

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A malicious device can install malware such as Trojans, information stealers and much more. They can install browser hijackers that will take you to the hacker’s website of choice, which could host more malware, or inject adware or spyware onto your computer. While the outcomes of these threats can range from annoying to frightening, you can stay protected from these threats.

Even computers that have been turned off may be vulnerable because a computer’s memory remains active for several minutes without power. If an attacker plugs a USB drive into the computer during that time, he or she can quickly reboot the system from the USB drive and copy the computer’s memory, including encryption keys, passwords, and other sensitive data, onto the drive. Victims may not even realize that their computers were targeted.

How to stay protected?

  • Don’t plug unknown flash drives into your computer– This is one of the most important things you should take care of. This is a trick used in social engineering, where the attacker relies on the curiosity of people. If you see a USB stick lying out in open or at public places, do NOT plug it into your computer to see what is there on it.
  • Take advantage of security features – Use passwords and encryption on your USB drive to protect your data from hackers, and make sure that you have the information backed up in case you lose your drive.
  • Keep personal and business USB drives separate – Do not use personal USB drives on systems owned by your organization, and do not use USB drives containing corporate information into your personal computer.
  • Use secure USB drives– Some latest models have safety features such as fingerprint authentication that help protect the device from hackers. Always buy one with security features.
  • Be careful where you purchase your USB drives from– As some third-party manufacturers are known to manufacture USB drives with malware on them. Always buy your flash drives from reputable, well-known manufacturers and sellers.
  • Keep the software on your computer up to date– Software updates are crucial to the security of your computer, as they patch known vulnerabilities.
  • Make sure to keep your Internet security software up to date– In case you accidentally use a device that contains malware, you can still be protected. You should get Internet security software as it can protect you from a host of issues other than just USB malware.

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How McAfee helps mothers to have a fulfilling career? –

Mother’s Day is a celebration of honoring your mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and to influence your mothers in society. The role of mother is one of the best, toughest, most rewarding, challenging, and unpredictable jobs a woman can have. And since the generation is now showing more involvement in gadgets than family, it is important to make them understand the necessity of family time. This, mother’s day, McAfee takes initiative for those mothers who sacrificed their job due to family responsibilities.

In an industry made up of just 24% women, you just can’t afford to miss out on the perspectives and innovation that you unlock when you ensure your workplace mirrors the world in which you live. In addition, considering your current cybersecurity talent shortage, an inclusive workplace is dangerous to bridging your workforce gap. But with McAfee, you get another chance to work on your talent. Recently published blog on says more about the opportunity for mothers.

To encourage more women to bring (and keep!) their valuable and highly sought-after skills in the workplace, you just can’t talk a good game when it comes to championing inclusion and diversity; you have to walk the walk. Here are three ways McAfee is doing that when it comes to supporting your mothers:

Supports you and your family to grow just like your mother do

Always welcome a child is an exciting time in your life. It just wants to help you to take the time you need and to celebrate, bond, and adjust to new life with the newest addition to your family. Whether it’s offering extended leave with your new baby, providing the convenience of bringing your kids into the office or flexible working schedules, your parent initiatives recognize, celebrate, and accommodate your life’s big moments.

Offers Comfort and Convenience in the Workplace

Coming back to your work after having a baby can be a big transition for you that’s why McAfee helps you to support your mothers returning to the workplace after leaving. For example, if you’re a nursing mother who travels throughout the U.S., they offer a Milk Stork delivery program to give you peace of mind and convenience to get your baby’s nourishment delivered in a secure and quick manner.

In an ever-growing number of McAfee offices they offer Mother’s Rooms to provide a private and convenient way for mothers or mothers-to-be to enjoy a quiet and comfortable space while providing for their infant (and let’s be honest, sometimes that’s the only 20 minutes or so of quiet time a new working mother might have!). Moreover, for expecting or new mothers, Stork Parking provides reserved parking spaces. Fun fact: a pregnant woman’s lungs become increasingly compact as the baby grows that means getting from A to B is no longer a simple task. You can recognize this at McAfee. You know that the small things count.

Reintroducing your Mothers to the Workforce

You know that careers aren’t always linear, and parents may choose to pause your careers to care for your families. McAfee’s Return to Workplace program taps into the potential of those who may have taken a career break with the support, guidance, and resources needed to successfully rejoin the workforce. This global initiative was launched in the Bangalore, Cork, and Plano offices last year. You should be proud to share 80 % of program participants were offered a full-time position at McAfee.

Being a working mother is a strength. It only adds to the varying perspectives and experiences that drive innovative solutions. At McAfee, you should be so proud of the ways that you are recognizing and supporting mothers – and all of your team members – in being successful at home and at the workplace.

To learn more about the ways you must support working mothers and give your efforts to build an inclusive workplace where all can belong, read you’re first-ever Inclusion & Diversity Report. McAfee is providing jobs to mothers on this Mother’s day.

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